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Daniela Simon

Dagniela SanDaniela Sim

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   Daniela Simon studio practice is embedded within the realms

of photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Her work often documents

the reality of her vision and the people, places,

and objects she encounters on her various creative journeys.


Simon sees her creative process as a mission of encounters

whereby her visual stimulus often ignored by others forms

the foundations of her creative practice.

Sculpture and the intrinsic nature of materials occupies

Simons practice deeply.

Her large scale layered sculptures reflect the multiple elements

of society through her investigations into how natural and man-made

 materials coexist with each other.

The use of Russian red color as she describes it references the passion

and thirst for experimentation.

Simons current work has seen her challenge traditional printmaking

techniques through the process of sculpture. Redefining two-dimensional

visual language and forging new processes are the core of her current

practice. Her recent prints have been exhibited at Bankside Gallery London

with the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.





As an eclectic wanderer, my mind drives through a labyrinth of different mediums to evoke a reaction and heal. Emotional charge is used to articulate on varied level's, in a hope to help a viewer on a journey to recovery. With every piece produced I confront my inner child.

Healing starts and that is the main drive force in creation. Everything has a meaning and is connected to the events in my life or the life of others. Learning through experiences helps solve a puzzle, by acknowledgement and confrontation of fears,

.joy is born which I want to share with a viewe 


Interactive sculptures which reflect on playful

imagination, and movement. Sculpture become part of the physical and visual experience. Idea is to take a viewer back to the childhood and connect with a time when fun was pivotal. Simplicity and truthfulness entwined with a passion I portray in all my work. 

I open myself to vulnerability to gain strength, as the works I produce reflect on lucidity and truth

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